Merle is a dynamic and innovative blockchain project

We have brought together a highly-experienced team of professionals with diverse skills and expertise, including computer vision, machine learning, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

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At Merle, we have developed an advanced product identification system powered by computer vision and deep learning technologies that help combat the spread of fraudulent products. Our identification system uses machine learning to scan images and extracts unique visual features that become data points used to authenticate product origin.

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Merle is a crypto AI project that is building a game-changing platform that verifies the origin and authenticity of products online.

Our platform provides a reliable and decentralized ecosystem that helps consumers identify genuine products, thus reducing the likelihood of buying counterfeit products.

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Merle Token

Our purpose at Merle is clear: to make the retail market safer by fighting against counterfeit products.

Our goal is to create a level of transparency, integrity, and accountability never seen in the retail market before. Using blockchain technology, we eliminate the risks associated with fraudulent products, reduce the burden on regulatory agencies, and promote consumer safety.

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Our roadmap including all our developments and our future plans.

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